D Day

After 3 years, countless court appearances, numerous child welfare hearings, several shouting matches down the phone and too many tears shed and beers drank to keep track of..

My divorce has been granted.

A lot of those ‘self-help’ guides I’ve seen warn that you might go through some odd emotions, once you reach this milestone. I can only count one, even if it’s hard to describe: gut-wrenching relief.

Miss Ellie and Shovel have spent thousands of dollars on this case, thrown everything they can think of at me, changed lawyers many times because they didn’t like not being in full control. And, in the end, it’s gotten them nowhere at all. Well, that’s not entirely true.. it’s gotten them so far beyond my circle of trust ™ that they’ll never ever be back inside. And while I’m sure some of you out there may disagree with my point of view, they will never see Twig again.

They can afford the costs of putting us through hell every 6 weeks, but can’t muster the funds to visit? I shouldn’t be surprised. They apparently couldn’t muster the funds to send the kid a birthday or a christmas card, either. Ever. Not once.

Way to prove you care, guys.

It was always about winning, and Twig was just useful leverage. But no more! Finally life can move forward, outwith the sayso of those people.

Gut-wrenching relief, indeed.


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