Up, up and.. get me the hell on a plane

It’s hardly a revelation, but I’ve noticed that the very best ideas are formed by the coming together of two things.


And Jaegermeister.

(I’m less of a fan of the latter, today.)

Anyway. During a terrible, disjointed conversation, intended to be a summary of the last few years of my existence for a friend that had somehow missed out, it was pointed out that I am really, completely and utterly hopeless at keeping things ordered in my head. And that perhaps I should *gasp! Behold the infallible drunken logic!* write it all down.

Long story short.. well, you’re looking at it. I am now the proud owner of a shiny new blog!

Without coming off as an ego-maniac (though let’s face it, everyone who writes their deepest darkest thoughts up on the internet has to have a little bit of a stroking issue), I’ve never met anyone with such a complex backstory. It’s the stuff made for tv movies are.. well, made of.

I’m a single mother of a child with learning difficulties. I’m still not divorced after three years of separation. I’ve been a lot of places and seen a lot of things.

And I’m going to start at the beginning. Tomorrow. Once my caffeine levels have dutifully balanced the lingering ‘Jaffa-Cake flavored shots!’ effects.


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